Monday, 17 August 2015

Photography Experimentation

During the past week, I was teaching myself how to use a DSLR and master the basics of photography. I learned fundamentals of the three main principles:
1. Aperture - Determines how much light is exposed and the range of the D.O.F (Depth of Field).
2. Shutter Speed - How long exposure takes place for the image, and how much motion blur will be captured.
3. ISO - How sensitive the camera will be to light, and determine how much grain will be present.

I came across a very interesting guide to these principles on, which is essentially a course of basic photography explained in the one image.

I found this incredibly useful, especially when I was trying to get around the functions of the camera. Using what I have learned, I took some footage of the business card design I made for South of Mars Studios.

These two were the only ones I touched up and uploaded to my loop portfolio. From what my friends have told me, they're pretty impressive for a beginner. Especially with the usage of the aperture. I cant remember the exact settings, but I think these photos were taken around F6.3, 1/60 and ISO 800 (don't take my word for it, I could be wrong). I'll record the actual settings the next time I do another session.

I was contemplating on going to the beach sometime this week (when its not so cloudy and not raining). Maybe along the Peninsula, around Serento or Blairgowrie.

I'll keep you posted on more updates of my developing skills in photography.

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