Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Loop Account and Portfolio

I came across a really interesting website earlier this year called The Loop, which is pretty much a LinkedIn for Artists and Designer. What makes it so incredibly useful is the vast network of studios and companies that are found on it, and even use it's services. Companies, Studios and Freelancers can post advertisements for various jobs - and it is an incredibly diversive range.

You can even create a profile and make an online portfolio - you can upload any content you wish, whether it being; professional, freelance or even personal projects. Its not limited to images and photos, of course - you can even upload videos or embedded links to YouTube or Vimeo. I have gone ahead and made myself an online portfolio using that website. I have already uploaded most of my work (animations, graphic designs and even my showreel.)

I have actually met people who have used the website's services, and have had more success with finding a job than LinkedIn. Although mind you, that's only from their personal experience. But this website is more narrowed to creative thinkers and writers - therefor a lot more advantageous.

If you want to see my portfolio there, please click here.

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