Sunday, 9 August 2015

Long Time no See :)

Hey, missed me?

I've been stupidly busy for the past year, that I didnt have the time to post on this blog. Good to finally be back...

What have I been up to?

Perfecting my skills. I have been doing the all sorts of Freelance Jobs (Graphic Design, Animation... even Cartography), and making stuff just for the sake of it. Whatever is deemed necessary to increase my skill level. And I can definitely say I have gotten more better and versatile with Adobe After Effects than I was before. Coming out of Uni, you only realize you haven't even scraped the surface of that program.

I've been involved in a massive filming project, which will hopefully lead to a TV series later on. Unfortunately I cannot talk much about it... I really, really, really wanted to show some Concept Art, Storyboards, and the Animated Opening Sequence I made for it - but it will have to wait until I am granted permission to do so.

I also traveled overseas and spent a month in Europe. Definitely a life changing experience, being exposed to all forms of culture. France, Spain, Italy (Assassins Creed giddiness), Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium. I can definitely tick that off my bucket list...

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