Monday, 2 June 2014

More Freelance Work! Yay!

I've been given two freelance jobs. My uncle Dean Holmes, who is the Senior Head of an Industrial Design company UNO has given me a brief for an animated sequence for his company website (

The sequence will be a representation of how they develop products for their clients, taking a step-by-step of their planning stages from the Brief to the Final Product. This will be based off of these 8-bit character versions of the staff members, created by one of the graphic designers.

So I won't have to worry about character design in the Pre-Production phase, seeing as it is already provided to me. All I pretty much have to do in animate all 12 of these characters for a short feature: so as to be added to their website.

My second animation job is for a YouTube user who wants an animated intro/outro for his motorcycle blog. His YouTube page is here, and he has provided me with a design for his new logo for me to use. I have already written up a contract and will send it to him for signing. Afterward we will discuss details as to what content he wants.

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