Monday, 26 May 2014


During the past month, I've been busy with Freelance work. I have completed 43 pages worth of storyboards for the film Promises, directed by Mark Robinson. Over 100 shots drawn. There is talk that I may possible have to show up on set and fulfil the role as an Art Director for the film, so as to make sure the look of the scenes are congruent with the storyboards.

I have also been given a second job for another Student film called Double Negative. They contacted me and my old uni mate Sam Ryan to do some conceptual art and storyboards for them. I have already provided them with a design for a cloning tank. 

I have also begun work of drawing the storyboards for the first scene, which they will need by the end of the week. Shouldn't be problem, and I am confident I can manage doing two storyboard jobs at the same time.

In other news, I have made myself an account on Newgrounds. Check out my profile RotaminA (Yeah, its Animator spelled backwards... Original, I know :p). There you can find animations I will upload there, as well as artwork and a webcomic series I have made a few years ago. I choose not to upload it onto my blog, simply because I use it for professional reasons. So if you want a good laugh, go check it out. Be warned: recommended for mature audiences.

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