Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What's been happening...

At the beginning of the month, I accepted a storyboarding job for a student film at my old uni. I have made about 15 pages worth, with a combined total of 35 out of 147 shots. Still have a long way to go, but I've so far made a pretty good impression on my clients. I showed them what I made so far, and they went as far as saying "this is exactly how I pictured the scenes. You must be psychic."
They told me to get into contact them once I have completed 50% of the storyboards, which should take me about a month (depending on my work roster and other priorities)

I wont give away too much about the film, but here is the first page of the storyboard:

More news: about a month ago, I got my student film accepted into MIAF (Melbourne International Animation Festival) as well as AIAF up in NSW. Yep, road trip for me later this year. Unfortunately, I cannot release my film onto my blog to show you - at least until the film has been screened. After ward, I'll upload it to YouTube and Vimeo for your own viewing pleasure.

As for the Loop de Loop animation I made a while back, I got a response back. Unfortunately it did not get accepted and gave me a list of feedback/constructive criticism on what could have been better. In short, they found it too simple. In a way this is good for me. It tells me the exact calibre of what they are looking for in submissions, and what better way to test it out to see how easy it could be to enter the online contest.
As a result, I have drawn up a fresh new idea that will hopefully gain more engagement from the target audience. Like before, I will use after effects and see what I can do. I'm thinking of a Guitar Hero based design. I have already completed 50% of that project already - all thats left is to record some audio (me playing the guitar) and add some custom shaped particle effects. Wish me luck.

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