Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Loop De Loop Progress Update

If you read in my previous post, you'll know that my previous submission for Loop De Loop got rejected. And that's a good thing for me, because it inspired me to create something new and better than the original idea.

Using last week's tutorial, I managed to figure out how to create an audio visualiser in after effects -using an Audio Spectrum effect to react to the audio track. I have not recorded the original track yet, but I'll see if I can get on it tomorow. For now, I just used some random song in my music library to play around with the effect. I wanted to make a Guitar Hero spoof, so I made a crawling neck that changes colour using a 4-Colour Gradient Effect. I have created the buttons for the notes in Illustrator, but I have not imported those yet.

As you can see, still a work in progress - but I'm becoming very pleased with what I have so far. I was considering adding a custom shape particle effects with musical notes, but only if I have the time.

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